Casita Owner
Jim Wiethan
Bates City MO

Arizona Eileen,

I ordered my copy of your A-Z Owners Guide and it was better than I anticipated. I read some reviews before ordering and folks said it is a must-have. I would certainly agree. It is very user friendly, extremely easy to navigate and is very comprehensive. Thanks for putting this together. You did an excellent job!


Casita Owner
Name Withheld by Request

Hi Eileen,

Great CD! Very informative and easy to understand. I have been camping for many years and have had a half-dozen RVs. I have never had an egg and they are a little different.  Thanks so much for your information. It is so accurate. 
Like so many others, I wish I had bought it before I went to the factory to pick up the Casita so I would have known a few more questions to ask. 


1999 Casita
Debbie / Riley & Bud
Spring TX

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the Guide. I have had my Casita since 2005 and I really didn't know how much I would get out of the CD. Well, it's been a great read. I have refreshed my memory on some things and learned some new stuff too. You did a fantastic job!


1996 Casita Newbie
Del Callman
Spicewood TX

I simply couldn't be more impressed with your Guide. You did an amazing job and it should be included with every new Casita. I only regret that I didn't get it sooner, but it has already come in handy. I'm not sure when you started writing the Guide but it's obviously kept up-to-date.


2014 Casita Newbie
Shelly Nowik
Durham NC

Thank you for giving us new Casita owners an invaluable resource of your A-Z Casita CD. I am very grateful for the help and it gave me the confidence to travel on my own.


Casita Newbie
Joyce Varnes
Fort Worth TX

Boy, am I glad I found and ordered this CD. I’m a newbie, widowed and 67. This answers a whole bunch of questions 
I have. I’ll be traveling the US and Canada for the next 
10 years, living full-time in it.

Thanks for writing this and providing it to me!


2012 Casita SD (New-to-them)
Les Walker
Idyllwild CA


I received your A-Z Casita Owner's Guide. Thank you so much. What a great way to educate myself on my new trailier. Anyone looking to get a Casita should buy your comprehensive Guide before anything else!


2013 Casita 17' SD Newbie
Bob Wegerer
Naperville IL

I picked up the new Spirit on April 25th and spent three weeks on the road for the initial "shakedown cruise." 
Now I am up in southern Wyoming for four weeks living in the Casita so the learning process continues.

I wanted to say thanks for your "so thorough" CD and the great help it has been. I am amazed at the efforts you have put into it and the wealth of information provided.


2013 Casita 17' LD (Expectant)
Imogene Ray/Carolyn Cook
Cabool MO

We recently received the A-Z Owner's Guide in the mail. It is highly informative and easy to understand. I just wish I had known about the Guide when I purchased my 13 foot Scamp a couple of years ago as so much of the information is pertinent to all fiberglass units.

In a couple of weeks we will be going to Rice, Texas, to pick up a 2013 17 foot Liberty Deluxe Casita.  I understand the orientation at the facility is not leisurely  so having previewed the Guide prior to the trip will make the presentations easier to understand.

I would suggest to any future owners of molded fiberglass units that they purchase the CD prior to buying a unit.

Thanks for putting this together and see you on the road!


2012 Casita 17' FD
Carl Evans
North Carolina

I downloaded your Guide onto my iPad last year and it was an invaluable aid on our recent 28-day tour of the Baja. Although we picked up our Casita in Feb of 2012, we had never fully appreciated how independent we could be, having always stayed where there were bathroom facilities. Thanks to your description of the dumping process, we're now fully self-contained and feel quite liberated.

Thanks again for an incredibly helpful guide. I learn something new just about every time I open it.


2010 Casita owner 
Diane Mason (CAgal)
Buena Park CA

After looking at the CD for just a short while, when 
I think back to when I was waiting to pick up my trailer, this Guide would have been my very first purchase. It would have been very exciting to read while dreaming of the day I would take delivery. 

WOW!  It is the greatest. My Casita will never leave home without it. Very well done!


2012 Casita owner
Patrick Crawford (F_Stop)
Columbia SC

My Guide arrived yesterday and I spent most of the evening poring over it. Very well done! 

Since I'd just last week installed a deck plate on my water tank, I was captivated by the Sanitizing Your Water Tank section and learned I'd not done it completely correct. My first thought was 'Damn! I have to do that again.' However, that notion passed quickly with the rationalization that I'd get it right next time. 

Thank you very much for my copy and rest assured it will be to "go to" source for my Casita queries.


Kathi Jennings (Colorado Kathi)
Louisville CO

I just received my copy of Eileen's Casita Guide and I love it! I thought I would just spend a few minutes looking at it, but I got so engrossed, I had to make myself go to bed!

I've owned a Casita for eight years and I read the forums every day. I write down many, many things on little yellow stickies, but now I don't have to! 
I can find everything I need in the Guide with one click. Amazing!  

Even after all of these years, I am still learning. Some information I only need once a year, like winterizing. Then, I forget it. Now I can find it easily without leafing though the hundreds of pages of info 
I have printed out. This is wonderful!  

Oh, I also love I can click on a link and go right to another website without leaving the Guide. 

GREAT JOB, Eileen! Thank you.


Erlene Irwin (embibike)


Love the book! No more going into a male-dominated world and trying to describe what I want, and hoping it is the right one. Just print out a page and say "One of those, please."

I have already used it for a new battery, and am considering the digital brake controler after a trip to the high country and bump, bump with the brakes.


Harold Burros (Us burros)
West TN

This old nitpicker decided to take the challenge, knowing darn well it would not take him long to find the errors or at least be able to offer a better idea or presentation.

U N C L E. I give up.

I find this to be one well done manual. I would say every new Casita delivered should be equipped with a printed copy, but this Guide should also be in the hands of not only every owner, but every potential Casita owner.

Let's admit it, the Casita is not a difficult RV to own and use, but for the "maybe" purchaser just about every possible question one could have is answered. Even an "old timer" will find some reminders of information long forgotten.

Another something for the "already know-it-alls" to consider is the benefit of having a manual such as this to pass on subsequent owners, whether they be beneficiaries or buyers. You know, you can't take the trailer with you, but your stored knowledge of it will stay or go with you.

B R A V O, Eileen, you done good!


Sandi Griep (Sand'eggo)
Lakeside CA

Just received mine. Great job Eileen! 

I'll be printing out the Sections I need to keep in my Casita. 


K. Fick (Two Gypsies)
Carrolton GA

We just want to add a HUGE thanks to Eileen and 'da crew' for this fantastic Guide. We are ALMOST to the stage of buying, and having all of this valuable information available to us as we make our final decisions is wonderful and exciting. We printed the ENTIRE thing and put it into a 3-ring notebook, and are pouring through it, highlighting things we wanted to remember. The Casita 'family' is awesome. 

Thank you to all of you!


L. Hatcher (Ihatch5)
Sallisaw OK

Well, we received the Guide today. What wealth of information! It is awesome and we'll be reading it for quite some time.

Thanks again! 


Reine & Paul (PRTexas)
Plano TX

Elieen's manual beats the "original trailer manual" for the Casita. If the other brands' manuals are as poor, not having them isn't missing anything. Not having Eileen's manual IS a shame. Well worth the cost.


2012 Casita owners
Mary & Frederick Granger
Campbell CA

Oh my gosh! This Guide is incredible! Very impressive, especially with the color graphics. This represents 1000s of hours of work. You've taken a formidable job and made it appear simple and straightforward.

My husband and I, both retired teachers, have camped, backpacked, kayaked, and bicycle toured for most of every summer, but we are new to trailering. 

I am very impressed with the sections of your guide. You really bring all of it together, and you make it easy to understand. I've been reading the Casita forums fairly regularly for several months. However, while the Forum is very helpful, it is easy to become distracted and skip around, thus making it difficult to know whether you've really read the whole thread or not for a particular topic. Sometimes an article is not classified properly, making the information difficult to find, and even more difficult to refer back at a future time.

Your book brings all of this info together in a manageable format so that I know I have read everything. It makes me feel calmer and more self-confident. I know that I will feel overwhelmed when we pick up the trailer, so the better prepared I can be ahead of time, the smoother the experience will be for us. 

I sat down with my husband today to make a shopping list of items in preparation for pick-up. We used your Guide, especially Section D: Camping Essentials, and he was very impressed. His exact words were, "This is outstanding!" Now, the loose ends are coming together and we are beginning to feel more competent. 

Kudos again!


Dirk McDonald
Ft Davis TX

I purchased your CD and have found much of the information invaluable. It is well organized and documented.


Donna (Donna D)
Portland OR

I'm a Scamp owner and purchased the CD. I've only given it a cursory look, but noticed immediately it's well organized. I've found even old hands sometimes don't know a whole lot about these trailers and the CD covers a ton of stuff.

Since all molded trailers are more alike than different, it would cover 99% of all brands. I think $30 is cheap compared to the time someone would have to spend on forums looking for specific answers...especially since most of the forums search functions are PITAs. I'm glad I bought it, knowledge is power! If and when I decide to sell my trailer, I think it would be of value to the new owners too. Sorta like giving them all the original manuals (that few have) for their particular trailer.


John and Judie 
Grayslake, IL & St. Petersburg, FL

Judie ordered the Casita Travel Trailer A-Z Owners Guide a couple days ago. First I want to thank you for the lightning fast service. The CD arrived today.

Obviously, I haven't had time to read every page, but reading the Table of Contents and some of the chapters, 
I feel that it's well worth the $30 we spent. I had to stop reading and drop you a note because I have personally written a little bit, so I can appreciate how much time and effort went into this creation. This is obviously a work of love by many people. I just wanted to say, "Beautifully Done" and thank you.

We ordered a new SD 17 earlier this week and are excited to become first time Casita owners. I'm absolutely convinced this Guide is going to answer many of the questions we have as first time owners and many questions we haven't even thought to ask. I'd recommend to others that if they are considering purchasing a Casita new or used, that they buy this owner's guide very early in the process. I think it's money well spent.

Thank you for creating such a great user guide. I'm going to dive back into reading the book now.


Irma & Eloy Heras
Amarillo TX

Eileen's  A-Z Casita Owner's Guide is a must have!
I gave it to my husband for Christmas and we spent this morning going through it. We are only halfway through  and already we have learned so much. My husband was very impressed  how truly proffessional and informative it is. He was impressed that Eileen seems to understand how GUYS THINK, such as including information on where to wash the TV before going to the Casita factory.

The CD, along with information on the forum, will get us ready for the day we can make our dream of owning a Casita a reality. It will prepare us for going to Rice and getting the Casita home safetly.

Thank you Eileen for sending the CD so promptly. Eloy said it was the best Christmas gift I gave him this year. 

We look forward to continuing the learning experiance this evening.


Kathy and Karen
Dallas TX

What a gift Eileen and her experts have created for rookie travel trailer owners. When it was first suggested that we purchase this Guide, we didn't think we needed it. We'd 
read all the manuals and didn't feel a sense of urgency 
to have more help.

Upon opening and browsing the Guide, we were very grateful we decided to purchase. It could be called "EVERYTHING you wanted to know about your Casita and MORE but didn't even know you needed to ask!"

It is an incredible resource that we will carry with us whenever you take our Casita out. If there is something you need to know, it is in the Guide and easy to find. 

Thank you Eileen and your team of advisers. You hit a home run with the Owners Guide!


Bill & Judy Compton (brcompton)
Oxford ME

The A-Z Owner's Guide will travel with me. It has been invaluable while working on my, new to me, 1999 17" SD. If you own a Casita you won't find a better information source.


Alan Leitch (aleitch)
Pisgah Forest NC

Thanks Eileen for a great guide. This is probably the best $30 I've ever spent. We just bought our 2008 Casita 17' SD and this guide seems to cover just about everything we need to know. In fact we also own a big Cedarcrest 5th wheel and wish we had this Guide earlier, even if it is Casita specific. There is such a wealth of great general camping info to make this guide a great buy for any travel trailer owner. 



Casita Owner
John Weatherwax
Orlando FL

Dear Eileen,

I would like to tell you how much I enjoy the A-Z Casita Owner's Guide. Very informative and enjoyable to read, looking forward 
to the update. Thank you very much for your work and a fine publication. 


2010 17' Casita Freedom Deluxe Newbie
Leland (Lee) R. Dexter, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of Geography 
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff AZ

Hello Eileen,

I recently purchased a copy of your Casita Travel Trailer A-Z Owner's Guide to go along with our newly acquired 2010 17' FD. As a newbie to RVing in general, and Casitas specifically, I want to tell you how much your Guide has helped me to get to know our Casita and to avoid making stupid, costly mistakes. 

I am a retired university professor and I know good writing from poor writing along with the components of well written tutorials. 
I want to compliment you on creating a great instructional manual that will help every Casita owner (or prospective buyer) immensely!


2015 Casita Newbie
Suzanne Myers
Latham NY


This guide is AMAZING! I am learning so much. I will be ready for anything when I get mine in a few weeks. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


2014 Casita Spirit Deluxe Newbies
Eileen Gerrish
Albany NY

Picked up our new 17 Spirit Deluxe yesterday after driving 
1,800 miles to get it. Everything was great but couldn't get the hot water to work. A quick 15 minutes with your Guide, a crawl under our bed, and - bingo! - turns out the circuit breaker was off, just like your Guide warned. My husband was so impressed I was able fixed the problem!

We were so well prepared for our pickup and first excursion thanks to you and your Guide. Can't thank you enough!


2014 Casita Spirit Deluxe Newbies
Steve and Cecilia Shull
Bella Vista AR

My wife and I have owned our 2014 17’ Spirit Deluxe for a little over a month and traveled about 3,000 miles with our new camper. Your Owner’s Guide has provided us with a constant flow of useful information and facts. Just today, I reviewed the “Insurance Coverage” check list with our insurance agent. I felt slightly uneasy asking all the questions as presented, however, 
I knew they would yield good information and I did not know the answers to all of them. As a result of these questions, I saved more than 17% of the annual premium because there was a discount for a fiberglass trailer. Wow!  More than enough to cover the cost of the CD. I’m now totally sold on the CD’s contents. We have used all the check lists and many of the websites listed. 

Thank you for your work in making this available. Every prospective buyer and new Casita owner will benefit by owning and using Casita Travel Trailer Owner’s Guide.


1994 16' Casita Freedom Deluxe Newbie
Cindi MacDonald
Moab, UT

I'm always encouraging new Casita Owners to buy the 
A-Z Casita Guide for a meager thirty bucks.

Now that I have it on my iPad, I started reading all 259 pages and realized how much work went into this project. How lucky are we to have such knowledgable people to help us "Newbies."

I just want to thank you all, with this Guide, we feel so comfortable and secure knowing we have done everything right from checking the lug nuts, to making sure we have everything we need for inside and outside. You rock Eileen, and all others who help to put this guide together. Thank you!


2014 Casita Expectant
Arlene Huffman
Placerville CA

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for putting together this wonderful Casita Guide. We don’t get our trailer for another few weeks but we have digested your Guide and learned (and bought) so much. The way you have it organized with links directly to vendors, short “on subject” sections, not overly techy but not fluff either is elegant, useful and great fun. I have it loaded to both my home PC and our traveling tablet so wherever we are, you’ll be along!  Thanks again. Best money we ever spent!


2014 Casita Newbie
Bob Combs
Fernandina Beach FL

Hi Eileen,

As a total newbie to Casitas (and travel trailers in general), your CD is the answer to my prayers. Great job!

I am picking up my Casita on May 5 and heading directly to South Dakota for a summer living in the Casita while doing a volunteer gig with the National Park Service. I was feeling pretty concerned about the 1,001 things that I didn't know and suspected I needed to know to safely and efficiently head out on that trek. I can tell after just 30 minutes with your CD that it is going to help me be so much more ready for the trip and for living in the Casita.

I really appreciate all the great work you put into this.  Hope our paths cross some day!


2009 Casita SD Owner
Bob Williams
Lakewood CO


Your Guide is fantastic. It provides a thorough explanation of all aspects of the Casita in a user friendly format. The information is detailed and yet it is written in layman's terms so it is easily understood. I've already learned a lot. I was also pleased to find so many helpful links included throughout the Guide.


Potential Casita Owner
Larry Patterson
Gold Canyon AZ

Thank you for the Guide. I've gone through it a couple of times and am impressed by the detail, organization, and completeness of your work.


Goldsboro NC

I received my CD in the mail yesterday and I have downloaded and filed the pages in document protectors and have it all in a large three ring binder that will live somewhere in the Casita. As we are newbies to all of this, your guide is an excellent resource that I know will get plenty of use.

I am a very visual person and this guide will help tremendously!

Many thanks!


16' Casita
Susan W.
Oakley UT

I wanted to thank you for sending the A-Z Guide. It helped me to understand what I was getting into before I bought my new-to-me 16' SD. My Casita is in backyard and I play with it everyday, figuring out how things work. Together with the forum, your Guide has been has been invaluable.


2013 Liberty Deluxe Expectant
Newport NC

I received my Owners Guide yesterday and am amazed at how detailed it is. You have done an amazing job at putting all that together --- everyone should have one. Casita should include one with each trailer. And since there is a lot of info for before pick-up, they could mail it when they receive the deposit. Anyway it is a GREAT help and I say thanks for making it available.


2013 Casita 17' SD Expectant

Your CD is nothing short of wonderful. We just ordered a 17' SD and it is supposed to be ready on April 24. We are tent campers, but decided a trailer would give us a little more freedom with our pets as well as lengthening our camping season, but we have really been overwhelmed by all the gadgets and systems, etc., involved with a trailer and were beginning to think that we would never learn it all or remember what we are shown in our orientation. 

After looking at the CD, I am feeling much better. I can immediately see that you have walked us through all of it so that we can be better prepared to absorb theorientation. Plus, we will have the added security of something to refer to after we leave. I have no doubt you saved us the embarrassment and expense of a lot of rookie mistakes.

Now we know what supplies we need immediately to use the trailer so we can take them with us to Rice. You provided so much information that we are feeling more confident about our decision to buy a Casita. Thank you 
for doing this.

PS: My husband looked at the CD last night and is just as impressed. He has already printed out your checklists.


Lovat Watts
Kennett Square PA 

Thank you for a really useful CD. I am only just at the discussion of WDH hitches but already we are revisiting our situation and thinking we should get one. I also appreciate the suggestions of where to stay close to the factory extremely useful. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your wisdom but wanted to say so far it is worth the cost already. You have put an extraordinary amount of effort into this. Well done!

UPDATE: Thank you for the marvelous checklists Eileen. They are much appreciated. I am an experienced camper but you have saved me from writing my own for the Casita. You have done a great job on your A-Z Casita Guide and it will be going with me for reference. I pick mine up on May 6th and I am very excited. I think even my husband is excited -- and as he is English, so that is saying a lot!


Casita 17' LD Expectant (Pre-owned)
Alan Denker
Brooklyn NY

Thanks for putting together one of the most useful handbooks I have ever used. Anticipate referring to it often after picking up my 17' LD in a few weeks. $30 well spent!


Casita 17' SD Wannabe
Eugene OR

I know a little about owners' guides, having written a number of them, as well as manuals, handbooks, and assorted technical documentation, over the past several decades. To be useful, an owner's guide should present information in a clear, concise, complete, and well-organized format. I don't have to tell you how frustrating it is when you can't locate the information you need; unfortunately, with many guides that's often the case.

When I first learned that Eileen had put together a Casita guide I assumed it would be (sorry, Eileen) like many third-party manuals and guides -- a well-intended but amateur effort, lacking in polish and professionalism. Boy, was I ever wrong!

The Casita Travel Trailer A-Z Owner's Guide is, quite simply, superb -- polished and professional in every respect. Beyond the Guide's visual balance and aesthetics, which are very pleasing, it's evident that a great deal of time and thought has been invested in the structure and presentation of the material. There's a wealth of information here, covering virtually everything a Casita owner -- or prospective owner -- needs to know. What's more, it's supremely easy to navigate to the information you're looking for, thanks to the Guide's logical organization.

As someone who's on the verge of ordering a new Casita I was particularly interested in the initial sections: preparing for Rice, camping essentials, delivery day, and hitching and towing basics. (The Guide sure would have saved me some head scratching when I outfitted my Isuzu for towing.) The sections that follow are specific to Casitas. The electric, gas, and water systems, as well as the various appliances and devices, are covered in depth, and it has an informative section about Casita maintenence and storage. Upgrades and modifications are topics of great interest to most Casita owners, and the Guide discusses them in detail. Also included are some useful checklists and charts, plus some links to the appliance and device manufacturers' websites. There's more; those are just the highlights.

Newbie or experienced Casita owner, the Casita Travel Trailer A-Z Owner's Guide has something for everyone. At thirty bucks it's a bargain. Every Casita owner should have a copy. Brava, Eileen!


Larry Gamble (Larry & Debbie Gamble)
Yantis TX

Rest assured that this is the definitive Casita guide. I can tell you that Eileen left no stone unturned in her quest for accurate info. 

While www.lovemycasita.com will be handling the mail order side, we have the Guides available to visitors to our shop and will have them at the rallies we attend as well.

Good job, Eileen!


Terry & Susan Littke (RX)

We received ours today and the CD is fantastic!

Susan and I sat at the computer most of the afternoon reviewing the excellent details. We were like kids, saying "did you know that?" "I did not realize this."

After all these years of owning two Casita’s going back to 2001, I still learned so much more. Eileen put her heart into this project and it shows completely. This is definitely one of those items that all Casita owners should have. 

Thanks Eileen!


Horst (Old Texan)

Get one! Heck, get two. Great bunch of info! I fully plan on printing out several pages and putting them in my Casita (when I get my Casita, that is.)

Great work!


Ginger (ginger)
Everett WA

Fantastic wealth of information in one easy-to-use Guide.

Great job! 

Thanks, Eileen. 


Debbie (Deb in MO)
Eldorado Spring MO


As far as I'm concerned, it is beyond compare! With everything at your fingertips, it is a user-friendly, and a thorough collection of 'all things Casita' for everyone with an interest in this special little trailer! 

Eileen has provided tips, suggestions, things to consider, explanations, links, EVERYTHING you need! I am so proud of mine and excited to have it in my possession. If I thought I couldn't buy another, I wouldn't take any amount for it!


Jennifer Hamann (TXJenny)
Oliver Legacy Elite owner
Taylor TX

Just received the CD today.  A++ !

Even though this Guide is for Casitas, there is so much information I will be able to use to learn more about my Oliver. I'm finding there are many similarities.

This is the type of manual I had envisioned creating for Oliver owners but lost incentive when they stopped production.


Suzanne Rivers (Suzanne)
Spokane WA

I am a new trailer owner who recently picked up my Casita. The orientation in Rice was good but who can remember all those details? I essentially hooked it up in Rice and drove home, hadly using it praying that nothing would go wrong. When I got the trailer out this Spring to really learn it and get set up, I found that the Casita manual from Rice was a real disappointment and left me with many unanswered questions and concerns. 

I was frantically trying make my own lists of every little thing that must be done and how to do it and feeling pretty overwhelmed. I searched the internet and individual topics on the forum but it wasn't until I decided to order the A to Z Manual from Eileen that I finally felt I had in my hand all of the detailed and clear information I needed. It was much more than I expected; full of illustrative photos, diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions fon both interior and the exterior operations and the charts and check lists are a godsend. The care and thoroughness of this guide is impressive and worth every penny. I am not one to take electronics on the road, but I now plan to take my laptop, not to surf the internet or do email, but to be able to play this disc whenever I have a question. 

I have a sense of relief and confidence for the first time and highly recommend the manual to anyone who is a recent or longterm Casita owner. 

Thank you, Eileen, for a very professional job.  

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