Does the Guide pertain only to the current model year Casitas?

No. All of the information presented in the Guide applies to all Casitas, no matter what year or model you own or plan to own. 

The only exception is Section B ("Ordering Your New Casita") where the factory options listed and discussed are reflective of the year that Guide was published. Those are the first four (of seven) numbers of the unique Registration Number given to every purchaser. They appear at the bottom of each page throughout the Guide.

How often is the Guide updated?

The Guide is updated annually; however, minor changes are made throughout the year. 

How do I order an updated Guide?

CLICK HERE  to order an update. 
Updated Guides are available only to the original purchaser. The original Guide owner may update to one or more of the three available formats: PDF via Email, PDF on CD via Mail, and Printed Book via Mail. 

If I sell my Casita, can I give the new owner my copy of the Guide?

Yes, you can; although, if your Guide is more than a year old, you might suggest they purchase a new copy. 

If you give them your copy, they will not be entitled to receive future updated versions at the reduced price offered to original purchasers, and the Registration Number for your Guide will always be registered to you. 


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Can I copy the Guide to my other devices?

Yes, you may copy the Guide from the CD to any device YOU own, such as your laptop or mobile devices. If you have a Kindle or an iPad, Adobe has Acrobat apps available for both devices, making the Guide convenient to reference while traveling, especially with the links and searchable text.

There are several ways to accomplish this. Be sure to download the Acrobat app to your mobile device before copying the file.

How do I copy the Guide to my mobile device or tablet from the Email attachment or CD?

Email attachment: Using your smartphone or tablet, open the email from LoveMyCasita. 
Download the file attachment to your device, making sure you take note of where it gets saved on your device. 

USB: Insert into the USB drive of your desktop or laptop computer. You can then copy the file from the USB to your hard drive, if you wish. You can also send the file to yourself as an attachment via email. Then, open the email on your mobile device and download the file to the device.

Or, you can upload the file to your Cloud account, then download to your smartphone or tablet.

Is it okay for me to print the Guide?

You can print the entire Guide or just the pages you want to have on hand, either from your own printer or at a self-serve copy machine. You can also try a copy center (Kinkos, Staples, etc.). Expect to pay around $30 for black & white copies. The printed book offered by LoveMyCasita is actually superior to what you'll get from the Email or CD versions because the file has been converted to a B&W format, which means no grayed back type.

Gift Certificates
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Makes a great gift for the new owners!

  • All pages can be printed, searched, highlighted, enlarged.
  • Clickable website and content links.
  • File can be saved in your email inbox and opened on any device with a PDF reader.
  • Takes up no physical space.
  • All internet links must be manually typed into an electronic device to access.
  • ​Black and white contents
  • Bulky to store in the Casita.
  • More costly to update.
  • USB laptop port required
  • Same Cons as Email version.
  • Guide must be opened on a laptop, tablet, or cell phone using PDF reader software. 
  • Large type; easy to read.
  • Use Post it notes or stickers. Highlight or make notations. 
  • 8.5" x 11" x 1" book means it's always on-hand.
  • Compact size makes it easy to carry and store.
  • Same advantages as Email.
Fulfillment: Each Email and USB order is processed by LoveMyCasita! within 24 hours and shipped via USPS.

Great for tabbing, indexing, making notes in the margins, highlighting, and having onhand while traveling. The front and back covers are full-color, the content and photos are black & white. 
Why not full-color throughout? It's really expensive to print a 308-page book in color. 
Full-color copying would also be far too expensive. 

Fulfillment: Each Printed Guide order is filled within 24 hours. Ten days is the approximate delivery period, but it usually arrives earlier.

Both of the above formats (PDF and print) have their advantages and disadvantages, but, for the money, my recommendation would be to choose the Email Guide version. It's the least expensive, is the most efficient, has the most versatility, and features loads of internal and external links, including Amazon, to make the whole experience a lot more fun and educational.
What are the differences?

  • Both PDF versions are identical in content, they're just delivered differently.  One is delivered as an email attachment, the other by snail mail on a USB drive.
  • Both are a downloadable, PDF-formatted document with Searchable content. Type a word into the search field and you'll be taken directly to each occurrence within the Guide. 
  • Another advantage is Active Links. With just a click, you can be taken to an online website (when a wireless connection is available). Internal Links take you to additional information or a related topic elsewhere in the Guide. 
  • The PDF format also has a lengthy sidebar of linked Bookmarks that, with just a click, will take you quickly to other sections of the Guide. 

With the Email version, you'll always have a copy on your email server. Open the email from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and download the Guide to that device. Or upload the file to your cloud server for anytime access.
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