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Laurie G.
We love a softer mattress and this one is perfect for us. 

Harry Enlund
After being up for 36 hours, I got to turn in at 2:45am. Awoke at 8:30am with no kinks or agonizing areas. So, the mattress rates a loud YES!!!!! Don't know how to act feeling this good this early!!  I wont even need as much coffee!
Two weeks later: Mattresses selling? Hope so. I really like mine! As good as the $1600 one on my home bed. Actually a bit firmer and more comfy!

​Dottie Meier
Oh my! We do appreciate you and what you did to expedite the shipping of our mattresses! They arrived exactly as you said. We were able to depart on time and have had an excellent nights sleep ever since! We will never hesitate to recommend mattresses through you. Thank you again!  
Angel Scherr
Thank you! We love our new casita matress. 
Super fast delivery. Appreciate all your help!

Paula and Clark Taylor
Quality / Comfort / Fit / Appearance, 
All 5 - Excellent
The mattress was delivered as expected via 
notes from Love My Casita. Deployment and 
installation instructions were clear and on point. 
The mattress was a natural fit and expanded 
for five days before we even sat on it. 
Our first camp was heavenly. The feel is very 
firm yet giving in the right places. This is a very comfortable mattress! 

John Magee
Quality / Comfort / Appearance = 5 - Excellent
Mattress is a tight fit. Would be easier if it was 
1" smaller in width and length. Other than that, 
I think the mattress was an excellent choice for me.

Donna S Mansfield
Quality / Comfort / Fit / Appearance, 5 - Excellent

Anjanette Snyder
Quality / Comfort / Fit / Appearance, 5 - Excellent
The (queen) mattress fits in my 2011 Parkliner. I have been able to give it a test run during our last camping trip. Mattress was firm and I slept well. I would recommend to any other Parkliner owners looking for a mattress.

Janice D
Quality / Comfort / Fit / Appearance, 5 - Excellent
Couldn't sleep in my Casita without this mattress. 
Made all the difference in the world 

Jeff Rose
Quality / Comfort = 5 - Excellent
Fit / Appearance = 4 - Very Good

Quality / Comfort = 5 - Excellent
Fit / Appearance = 4 - Very Good
Comfortable and expensive - but worth it.
Les and Donna
Just returned from our first trip since purchasing the twin set of mattresses for our Indy from Love my Casita. I will have to say they are great. Much better than the OEM cushions with a memory foam topper. Wife made a comment this morning that she wants to make the Casita the new bedroom. 

Patrick McVicker
Fits perfect and is very comfortable.

D. Lineberger
Quality / Appearance / Comfort = 5 - Excellent
RC Slinger
Fit / Appearance = 5 - Excellent
Quality / Comfort = 4 Very Good

Lucy Nadeau
Quality / Appearance = 5 - Excellent
Fit / Comfort = 4 Very Good
The mattress is very well made. Although it's a tad bit firmer than I would prefer, it's TONS better than the cushions/topper we had. At least now there aren’t backaches when we wake up in the morning!

Jessica Parrish
LOVE MY NEW MATTRESS!  I should have purchased it
the same day we bought our Casita! Thank you so very 
much for your help in making this happen. You're the BEST.

JoEllen Wynne
Quality / Comfort / Fit / Appearance, All 5's - Excellent

Quality / Comfort / Fit / Appearance, All 5's - Excellent
We picked up our mattress on the same day as our Casita (just down the road). Both my husband and I find this mattress extremely comfortable and are so happy to have it!

Herman Parker
Appearance / Fit / Quality   Excellent
Comfort  Very Good
FIRMESS:  Very Firm

John Boyd
Appearance / Comfort   Excellent
Fit / Quality   Very Good
FIRMNESS:  More Firm
We are very happy with our purchase. I only regret not doing it sooner. The mattress size seems a little smaller than the available space. This makes it easier to make the bed, but depending on how much bedding is used there tends to be a small gap.
Gary Houck
Received mattress for our Spirit Deluxe. It was packaged very well. Laid it out in the Casita and allowed a day before testing it. It seems really comfortable and supportive—and very attractive. We are camping in a few weeks so will let you know how it does. Thanks for the updates on our order. We always felt well-Informed. 
Update: Just returned from 3-day camping trip and the new mattress proved to be very comfortable. Great support. We are very pleased with it.

Mary Scarborough
Hello, Eileen! I picked up my mattresses on June 14. Super easy after picking up my new Casita. They helped me get it in the camper. I’ve slept on my full size for 4 nights now and it’s very comfortable! 

Shawn Brewster
Used for 10 days straight. Great quality mattress, extremely comfortable. Much better than using a memory foam gel topper over seat cushion any day. Worth the cost. No more hip or back pain. Thank you, Eileen.

Jeff Lawson
Appearance / Comfort / Fit / Quality   All Excellent
FIRMNESS: Both Firm & Soft

Laura Blackburn
Appearance / Comfort / Fit / Quality  All Excellent
FIRMNESS:  Both Firm & Soft
The pickup process at the factory was not 100% smooth and could be improved somewhat. That is a minor detail, otherwise this was a perfect purchase. 

Vera Drake
FIRMNESS:  Both Firm & Soft
We just spent three weeks camping in West Texas and they were great!

Susan Diederich
The mattress came yesterday and I love it. I sold my Casita last year and now have an E-Pro; just a little more room, but I miss the Casita. The new mattress fits in the E-Pro Murphy bed and is so comfortable! I don’t need the rounded corners, but it doesn’t matter.
H. Parker
Appearance / Fit / Quality = 5 - Excellent
Comfort = 4 - Very Good
FIRMNESS:  Very Firm

The Halberts
Appearance / Quality = 5 - Excellent
Comfort / Fit = 4 - Very Good
First time sleeping in an RV, on a twin bed, with two small dogs. LOL! We really do like our mattresses. After our first time out, we're ready to go again!

Jack Rabbit
Quality / Appearance / Comfort / Fit = 5 - Excellent
We received exactly what we were hoping for when we placed our order. We have no reservations in recommending this mattress to fellow Casita owners. Happy trails!

Lori Dehmer
Quality / Appearance / Comfort / Fit = 5 - Excellent
The only issue I had was unpacking it inside the trailer, I didn't know which way to begin. As a result, 
I got it out and had to turn and flip it to install correctly, which was quite a wrestle/ I was so excited to get it in...

Eileen:  Removing The Outer Plastic is now available as a video. See the photo and link under ABOUT OUR MATTRESSES. 

B. Moore
Quality / Appearance / Comfort / Fit = 5 - Excellent
We have to say -- this is important to emphasize -- we've now slept on our mattress for four nights and my wife and I have found it much more comfortable and much more appealing than our home mattress which is a high dollar brand new memory foam. Excellent buy!
Betty McCord Studzinski and Tonka
both enjoy her new BACK mattress.
Alan Adams SIDE & BACK mattress set.
The Conquists love their INDY mattress set.
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The question I get asked the most is, "How firm (or soft) are your mattresses?" Rather than just offer my opinion, I decided to ask my customers that question.

Now, those who complete the MATTRESS SURVEY can offer their perception of the firmness. I say "perception" because it's all in what you're used to. Customers can choose one of the following responses: 
    Very Firm
    More Firm
    Both Firm & Soft (Supportive yet conforming)
    More Soft
    Very Soft

Note from Eileen:  My preference is a firmer mattress. I sleep on a SIDE mattress and rate it "Both Firm & Soft." 
Cynthia L Turner
Appearance / Comfort / Fit / Quality  All Excellent
FIRMNESS:  More Firm
Pick up and installation was a breeze; friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Alan Adams
Quality / Comfort / Fit / Appearance, All Excellent
FIRMNESS:  Both Firm & Soft
We had decided to change our full bed setup in our Casita Spirit to two twins. We attended the Pineknot Rally hoping to see some of the mattress options that were available. After seeing and laying on several, we decided on the Love My Casita mattresses. We have been very happy with our decision. Great product at a great price!